Facing new challenges alone is scary. It’s hard jumping off into the great unknown and so much easier staying in our comfort zone. Almost every client I’ve worked with has said at some point, “I’m afraid. I’ll mess it up. It’s too much, I can’t handle a website/writing a novel/getting published/putting my work out into the world…”

You know what’s worse? Letting those projects rot away in some forgotten corner of the closet. That’s sad. If you listen closely, you’ll hear angels weeping.

This is why I mentor creative people. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a dream sitting like a once favored stuffed toy on a dusty shelf. *cue the music You’ve Got a Friend In Me*

There’s no reason why you can’t manage your WordPress site, or clean up your manuscript, publish it, or conquer any of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs. They’re skills, that with expert guidance, you too, can learn. Let Wendi and I share our experience and expertise with you.

Contact me today and let’s talk.

And by the way? You’re welcome.