An About page on a personal site seems kinda redundant, doesn’t it? I was thinking of that as I put it together. I was also thinking how a few years ago, I wouldn’t have wanted to put any of this up. Why? Because I’m a creative, an artist, and we creative types have a hard time talking about ourselves and tooting our own horns.

Okay, I’ll admit, that’s an old belief, one that I worked hard at leaving behind.

It all started when I met my business partner, co-author and friend, Wendi Kelly (that’s her on the right in the picture). She insisted I get a Facebook account. This was a big step, the first of many. You see, I came from the old school era of Interwebs where you never used your real name, never posted your picture, phone number or address. In fact, the more anonymous you remained, the better.

But…it was the wave of the future and so, I caved.

Little by little over the years, I’ve come out of my crab shell (yes, I’m a July baby). Wendi and I both made a point to get out from behind the monitor and into the world. Spurred on by Shonda Rhymes’ The Year of Yes, I said “Yes!” to a lot of things; yes to hosting workshops at the Green Valley Library, yes to going to more conferences, yes to joining writing groups (served as Webmaster 2017-2019, and Exec. Assist. to the President 2018-2019 for the Henderson Writers Group here in Las Vegas), yes to book shows and signings, yes to…ENJOYING LIFE!

It’s made a huge difference. You should try it. I dare you.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to shout from the rooftops once in a while. Good things happen. As long as you remember to invite others up to the roof, you won’t be obnoxious. There’s a party on the roof, people. We have fireworks, music, movies, storytelling galore.

And cookies. Lots of them.

As for the rest of it, Wendi and I work together helping other creative folks design their projects, write their books, and get through life.

Speaking of books…Wendi and I have written two series together. The second series is still in progress. Hop on over to the Novels page on this site for a peek.

That’s about it for now. Want to know more? Drop me an email. Or use the  contact form page. Whatever suits your fancy.

So, come on up. There’s beverages in the cooler, lounge chairs, a pool (hey, why not? It’s my world). Explore the site and enjoy, I’m glad to have you here.